March 05, 2016

I do not believe in ghosts or any paranormal things but what happened today is beyond any logical explanation. It made me think otherwise.

We have shifted to this spacious 4 bedroom duplex house a month back. On the ground floor is the living room, dining room, kitchen and a guest bedroom with attached toilet. On the first floor are three bedrooms for mom n dad, myself and my sister. There is a fifth member, Suro kaka – the cook cum Man-Friday who has been with us even before I came into existence.

Around 8pm, I went to the bathroom of the guest bedroom. I was greeted with a very strong fragrance of Jasmine flower. There were no flowers anywhere, so I thought it must be coming from the washing clothes basket, I lifted the lid but it was empty. I smelt the bath soap, the shampoo and even the hand wash soap dispenser but none of them were emitting the strong Jasmine fragrance. Then my eyes fell on the white liquid bottle resting at the corner below the wash basin. I opened the cap and greeted with a strong pungent acidic smell very different from the Jasmine. I thought may be mom or Suro kaka might have sprayed some air freshener. I came out and switched on the television for my favourite show Big Bang Theory.

March 06, 2016

Last night’s strong fragrance has lost a bit of strength but it is still there in the air…

March 08, 2016

I came home around 6 pm and went to the guest room and then the bathroom, the fragrance is barely there, it must have been the air freshener, I thought. I saw mom in the living room talking to Suro Kaka and told her to put the Jasmine air freshener in other bathrooms too. She said, “What air freshener are you talking about? I haven’t sprayed any freshener anywhere.” I stood still for a moment, my throat drying up.

March 12, 2016

I had been to the guest room twice in last two days and could feel a mild Jasmine fragrance floating through the air. It is becoming a ritual for me now. Today, I went to the guest room around 8 pm and was greeted with a strong fragrance of Jasmine flowers, once again. I could feel the eeriness all around me. I left the room quietly and came back to my room.

There was this girl Hansuli in my school, two years junior who had confessed her love for me. She had met with an accident right outside our school and died. She loved Jasmine flowers and had adorned them on her hair at school function. Is she back to claim her unfulfilled love?  But why would she come, after so many years? Then I recalled, Ruma, the girl next door who had come the other day to call my sister and had left behind a garland of Jasmine flowers. She too loves the Jasmine flowers. Is Hansuli (or her spirit) jealous of Ruma? I can’t, I don’t want to think much…


March 16, 2016

I haven’t been to the guest room or its bathroom in the last couple of days but was feeling restless all through the day. So, I went to check again in the evening. The fragrance was very faint or is it my nostrils making fun of me. I don’t know and I do not like the mystery at all!

March 18, 2016

Our neighbour, Mrs. Batra came this afternoon and I overheard her telling mom that two labourers had died mysteriously at the time of construction of this building. Also, the land where the building stands today, used to be burial ground of a woman of virtue many years ago. Dad was furious when he got to know and severely reprimanded mom for listening to such rubbish. Like Dad, I too do not believe in such stupidity. But I am now really scared of the Jasmine fragrance. I decided to talk to my friend Subhro, who has been studying parapsychology and has interest in all kinds of paranormal stories.

March 19, 2016

Today, I narrated the instances of last few days to Subhro. He said that he has heard about such episodes where the spirits have come back to their loved ones. He even indicated that I should tell Ruma not to go near Jasmine flowers let alone touch them. Her life may be in danger.

On my way up to my room, I decided to check the guest room. I need not go inside for the fragrance today was really over powering. I scampered back to my room. I kept the lights on while I slept.

March 21, 2016

Today, indirectly asked Mom about what Mrs. Batra was saying the other day. She said that although Dad had rubbished the whole thing but she has seen a woman in her dream quite like what Mrs. Batra described. I told her with a brave face that it was nothing but her imagination. There are no ghosts, at least not in an upscale colony like ours. But I am worried now.

March 24, 2016

I am feeling restless and becoming a psychological wreck. Like a hypnotised person, everyday in the evening I go to the guest room bathroom to check on the fragrance. Even today, I felt a mild fragrance of the Jasmine flower. I am sure, I am going mad.

While writing this diary, I was going through the last few entries and something caught my attention. Although, I could feel the Jasmine fragrance practically every day, the strongest perfume was on 5th, 12th & 19th March, exactly a week from each day! I realised, by this logic the next strong perfume day will be 26th March.

I am not very religious but I have started praying now. Gayatri Mantra is really powerful and can keep away the spirits, Mom had told me once.

March 26, 2016

I came back home in the afternoon. There was my favourite Aloo-Posto and Prawn Malai Curry with rice for lunch. I think I over ate and as a result slept in the afternoon perhaps or was I outside at our previous house?

I am back at my old house and I can see Hansuli and Ruma talking animatedly sitting under the mango tree. Hansuli looks exactly same when I saw her last, beautiful. Both have adorned their hair with garlands made of Jasmine flowers. Hansuli saw me and waved at me. She then shouted, “Ma, see, Shanky is here.” Her mother came out and I was shocked, she looked exactly like what Mom had described the woman in her dream. I am really very scared now and mumbled good bye to Hansuli and aunty and started running. But I could not move, it seemed that aunty was pulling me towards her with her evil force. I am sweating now, profusely. My throat, mouth is dry. With immense courage and might I forced myself forward and at that moment I woke up. My whole body was wet with my perspiration; I increased the speed of the fan to dry myself.

I was thirsty and there was no water in the room so I went down to the dining room. I opened the refrigerator for water bottle and was immediately hit by the fragrance of Jasmine. I looked inside the fridge for Jasmine flowers but nothing was there. I took a few gulp of water and realised today is 26th March, the day of strong Jasmine fragrance. So, Hansuli and her Mom is here, after all it was not my dream but reality.

I tip toed towards the guest room bathroom and before I could open the door, I heard sound of running water. I ran towards Mom’s room to tell her but she wasn’t there in her room. I called my sister but she too wasn’t there in the room. Dad is any way not in town. I recalled, Mom had said that she and Bublai (my sister) will be going to the market in the afternoon. I called her on the mobile and she confirmed that they are indeed at the Select City Mall.

I went down again to check if it is Suro Kaka in the guest bathroom but I found him in the lobby sleeping on the carpet. Then who the hell is in the guest bathroom? I know my sweats are back all over again but I need to finish this mystery of Jasmine fragrance today itself.

Once again I tip toed to the guest room. The bathroom door was slightly open now and I can partially see a woman inside. The strong fragrance of the Jasmine flower was all over the place. I shouted, “Who is in there? Come out now.” But sound that came out from my voice was little louder than whispers.  A woman came out and said, “Bhaiya, I am Indu. I come every Saturday to clean this bathroom.” In her hand were the cleaning brush and a bottle of Harpik that had a blurb announcing “Jasmine Scented”.

I collapsed on the bed.

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