This interesting scene was in Supreme Court of India where the Bench was hearing the issue of Ram Janma Bhoomi. There were counsels representing both the sides and each side had their own witnesses to provide evidences. While Sri. Parasaran was putting forth the justifications for Ayodhya As Rama Janma Bhoomi, the Honourable Judge intervened.

He asked “You quote from vedas and scriptures for proving that Rama existed and other relevant issues. Is there any evidence in the scriptures that specify the place of birth of Sri Rama?”

An old gentleman rose from the group of witnesses. He was one of the Pragyasakshi ( Chief Witness) and his parents had named him Giridhar. He said “Honourable Sir, I request you to refer to Rig Veda”

He specified the chapter and verse and said “There it is mentioned in Rig Veda, Gaiminiya Samhita. These verses specify the directions and distances from a specific point on the banks of River Sarayu, to reach the birth place of Sri Rama. If one follows those directions, one reaches a specific spot in Ayodhya”

The bench ordered for immediate verification and it was done to find that Sri. Giridhar was right. There it was glaring at them from Rig Veda. And this person was quoting the verse verbatim from memory.

The bench remarked “This is a miracle I have witnessed today.” But the witness who was christened as Giridhar was very calm and serene as if it is a chore in the office on a normal working day.

To understand the wonder expressed by the Judge, one has to go back in Indian History, which needs overhauling at the earilest.

Year was 1950. Month January. 14th day of the month. In the village Jaunpur in UP, Mishra couple – Pandit Rajdev Mishra and Shachidevi ( It is nice to note that that child became a main Sakshi later in life, to reclaim RamJanmaBhoomi) – were waiting for the birth of their child. A very hale and healthy child was born that day and they christened him Giridhar.

Giridhar Mishra was fine till a cruel hand af fate played with him when he was 2 months old. That changed the life of the parents and the child.

Imagine a child who was eager to aquire and improve his knowledge but just could not read or write. Pandit Rajdev would sit besides the child and recite Vedas explaining each word in each verse. He was delighted to find that Giridhar had a great retaining capacity and could memorise every single word taught to him orally.

After imparting whatever knowledge he could, Rajdev admitted his son in one of the Mutts of Ramanand Sampradaya. He was taken in as a disciple and he was given a new name RAMABHADHRA. And the child got a guru who could teach him and encourage him to expand his knowledge beyond the limits of any normal human being.

Ramabhadhra in his zeal to explore the universe of knowledge, learnt and mastered 22 languages including a few ancient ones. He could not read or write and had to depend on his memory and its retention power.

He learnt scriptures and modern verses too. He became a fan of Thulsidas and explored the world of Rama Charitha Manas.

Imagine. Somebody would read these epics and scriptures and he would store in his memory for further analysis. He excelled in his work often dictating to people and getting the feedback orally.

At the age of 38, in 1988, he was crowned as JAGADGURU RAMABHADHRACHARYA one of the four Jagadhgurus of Ramanandha Ashram.

You must have guessed by this time, why he could not read or write. Yes. HE LOST HIS EYESIGHT COMPLETELY WHEN HE WAS TWO MONTHS OLD.

It is really staggering to learn about his achievements. The blind Jagadguru, in addition to mastering 22 languages is also famous as Spiritual Leader, Educator, Sanskrit Scholar, Polyglot, Poet, Author, Textual commentator, Philosopher, Composer, Singer, Playwright and Story Teller ( Katha Artist)

He has authored more than 100 books such as Gita Ramayanam, Sri Bharghava Raghaviyam, Arundhathi, Ashtavakra, Kaka Vidhura and others. He composed Sri Sitarama Suprabhatham.

As a poet he produced 28 famous set of poems ( Sanskrit and Hindi) including four epics

Authored 19 famous commentaries on various scriptures, the popular one being on Rama Charitha Manas by Thulsidas.

Composer of 5 Music Albums

And 9 very popular discourses.

Founder of Jagadguru Ramabhadhracharyas University for Handicapped

Lifelong Chancellor of Tulsi Peeth ( named after Tulsidas)

He was decorated with PADMAVIBHUSHAN in the year 2015.

I was filled with amazement as I was collecting information about him. A child who became blind and fought his way up to reach the pinnacle of knowledge and education and its propagation. What a marvellous example to inspire one and all. I felt very very small and insignificant, I am sharing this with you all as it amazed me no end.

There is a niggling thought. How many of us were aware of this great blind man. While Helen Keller was propagated for her achievements as a blind person, and lessons are taught on her, Jagadguru Ramabhadhracharya is a non entity in our education system. Thats how we are.

No wonder the Judge remarked “I witnessed a miracle in my court”

Jai Sri Ram


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