To begin with, I am neither religious nor ritualistic. I consider religion to be a matter of personal choice and should be practiced in the privacy of one’s own home. As a tourist, I have visited temples, stupas, churches, mosques and gurudwara to appreciate the architecture and wonder at the throng of people who seems to be intoxicated in their chosen faith.

However, being born a Hindu, the greatest philosophy that the world has seen, I do feel insulted and outraged if someone talks or shows filthy about the any of the manifestations of the Supreme Almighty. Hinduism is unique because it is not guided by any one single book. It allows you to feel and reach out to the Supreme One in whichever form you want visualize. Hinduism does not shun the non-believer and not only allows them to debate but embraces them as well. Hinduism has survived the onslaught on its existence for centuries and yet not only survived but thriving even today and shall continue to eternity as long as human race exists.

Recently, a member of the parliament (and that too a woman) had said on record to media that for her, the Goddess Kali is meat eating and alcohol consuming god. It is true that in some sect (especially in Bengal), the deity is offered meat/ fish and alcohol but that’s a small community. Two of the biggest and most popular Kali temples are Dakshineshwar built by Rani Rashmoni and presided over by Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and Kalighat on the banks of Ganges in Kolkata. The Kalighat Temple is regarded as one of the Shakti Peethas (out of 51) of India, where the various body parts of Sati are said to be fallen in the course of Mahadev’s Tandav. Kalighat Temple represents the site where the toes of the right foot of Sati fell.

None of the above two temples offer meat and/or alcohol to the Goddess but interestingly, at the famous Kali Temple of Patiala (Punjab), offering meat and liquor to the deity is a daily ritual.

I am giving below a shloka from the Chandi Path which is narrated and broadcast on the early morning of Mohaloya Day by the All India Radio and now available in various forms on YOUTUBE.

Garja Garja kshanam moorha, Madhu yavat pivamyaham.

Mayaa twayi hatetraiva, garjishyantyashu devatah.

Shloka: Goddess Durga says just before she slays the demon Mahishasura and means….

“Take your time to squall and scream as long as I don’t finish up my (divine) wine, O foolish Mahishasura! I will soon slay you (after I finish my drink) and The gods of heaven will burst in the joy of victory!!”

It would be wrong to interpret the goddesses of Shakti in their many manifestations as only meat eating alcohol drinking divas. On the contrary, in most communities across the country, the gods and goddesses are completely vegetarian and teetotaler. And besides, who can ignore the logic behind the manifestation of the supreme one in a particular form…

Madhav said…

Yada yada hi Dharmasya glaanir bhavati bharata,

Abhyuthanam Adharmasya tadatmanam shrijamyaham,

Paritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya ch duskritam,

Dharma-sangsthapanarthay sambhavami yuge yuge…

Therefore, for me, Kali represents the true women empowerment. She emerged at a time when the patriarchy was the way of life in the form of Asurs who believed in anarchy. Kali represents the combined power of all those women who have been abused all their lives for being dark skinned. She emerges once again when girls like Nirbhaya dies a thousand deaths before dying and young girls are saved from being trafficked. A piece of Kali is born inside the acid attack victims, when they will to survive and lead a new life. It is said that both Durga and Kali emerged when the combined forces of the gods were defeated by the Asurs. The goddesses’ then had slayed the Asurs to bring parity and peace on earth.

So, my Kali cannot remain limited to the “meat eating, alcohol drinking deity”… The poster of the film that showed Kali as smoking a cigarette and created the controversy is directed by a lady of Indian origin calling it a piece of art… what a bull crap she’s peddling? But she’s not alone in this game of disruption, there are scores of them who would paint a goddess in nude, ridicule the Sanatan Dharma rituals in cinema and claim to be the Art Form and flag bearer of the progressive thoughts. For these scoundrels, women empowerment simply means nudity, alcoholism and drug abuse.

There is a large section of women in the country who are being denied equality and a chance to live with dignity because of patriarchal biases, but the elite feminists with wine glass in hand and puffing marijuana filled cigarettes, royally ignores them. The scores of disadvantaged women only want a dignified life where their pay is at par with the male colleague, they would like their daughters to have same education as their sons and not get shackled inside their patriarchal homes. For these women Kali and Durga are the inspiration to fight along a biased society and not only continue to live with dignity but create a level playing field for their daughters as well.

So, with folded hands, I would request all the progressive thinkers whether Hindu or Kafir, please spare the Sanatan Dharma Gods & Goddesses from your crude art forms… there are billions of beautiful things in the nature, go recreate them in your own way on the canvas or on the film… why look at imagery that has a revered connotation to the billions of Indians?  

To me religion is not reciting few difficult to pronounce shlokas or hymns but an idealism that gives hope to billion of souls. A correct and just interpretation of the Dharma can take the society to great heights while an incorrect interpretation can destroy the society. Therefore, choose wisely…

2 thoughts on “Kali

  1. Worshipping the goddess with wine, meat, fish, etc. is practised by those who follow the Vamachara, which is a form of worship and meditation in Hinduism. Vamachara Tantra is part of an evolutionary process in consciousness which is moving towards integration with the Supreme consciousness, a sacred manifestation of the Divine where there is no separation between mind and body. The path of Vamachara is very dangerous to practice without the assistance of a proper Guru. The students of Vamachara Tantras are ‘Bramhacharis’. Only ignorants can comment on Maa Kali as meat eating and alcohol-accepting goddess. The iconography of Hindu deities follows very deep concepts and philosophies. It’s mere foolishness to just comment on the basis of what an ignorant perceives without an iota of understanding. In Bengali culture, the gods and goddesses are treated as family members, with similar love, and empathy as the mortals when the gods and goddesses appear in this mortal world but does anybody mock his/her family member? Mahua Moitra had degraded the Goddess Kali on the stage on that day by making such a statement.

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  2. Nice descriptions of Goddess Kali, another form of Shakti, who has been worshiped by icons like Ramkrishna Paramhans, Vivekananda and scores of other sadhus as mother who is ever ready to protect her children. I wonder if Mohua Moitra has ever visited to Kali temples of Dakshineswar, Kalighat and Tarapeeth before making such a rubbish comment on Maa Kali!!

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